A Very Special Nothing Special Holiday Special

  • Posted by caitlin everett 31 Dec

A Very Special Nothing Special Holiday Special

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HEY! It’s New Year’s Eve Eve! The ever-exciting 30th of December.

No plans? Nothing to do? Something going on but it’s not that good?

Come celebrate the holiday spirit as it intoxicates the members and friends of Nothing Special Productions!

9:00pm at the Lincoln Loft, where the beers are stocked and the donations are suggested!

Reserve tickets now by e-mailing nspboxoffice@gmail.com!

Special Guests include:
Joe Bianco
Mickey O’Sullivan
Adam Overberg
Ian Muentener
Kaitlin Fleharty
Dennis Davies
Josh Nordmark
Molly Fisher
Marissa Chastain
Laura Suprenant

and the NSP revelers:
Mikey Laird
Brian Rohde
Conor Burke
Scott Sawa
Melanie Kibbler
Brian “Butterscotch” Blankenship
Steve Wisegarver
Celeste Burns
Erika Davidson