Nightmare in Paradise 4

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Nightmare in Paradise 4

Event Details

This event finished on 04 November 2013

You are cordially invited to join Nothing Special Productions as they present “Nightmare in Paradise 4: The 3rd Nightmare -DIRECTOR’S CUT – Unrated & Totally Out of Control”.

Come experience this deeply moving and thought-provoking new piece of theatre that simultaneously celebrates and confronts the complexities of the human psyche. It is a play like no other that will surely leave you wondering whether there is any real separation between our waking lives and that bizarre plane of existence we call “dreams”.

Conor Burke as Dennis
Melanie Kibbler as Christine
Scott Sawa as The Bellhop
Joe Bianco as Simon
Adam Overberg as Christopher
Dennis Davies as Leonard
Kaitlin Fleharty as Katie Garfunkel
Mickey O’Sullivan as Nightmare Chorus Member #1
Ian Muentener as Nightmare Chorus Member #2
Brian “Butterscotch” Blankenship as Lonnie the Midgetaur

Scenic Design by Mikey Laird
Lighting Design by Erik Barry
Puppet Design by Patt Knerr
Original Music Composed by Brian “Butterscotch” Blankenship
Choreography by Brian Rohde
Written by Brian Rohde
Directed by Brian Rohde

Friday October 25 @ 8:00pm
Saturday October 26 @ 7:00pm
Tuesday October 29 @ 8:00pm
Wednesday October 30 @ 8:00pm
Thursday October 31 @ 8:00pm
Monday November 4 @ 8:00pm
Wednesday November 6 8:00pm

$10 suggested donation
Email to reserve your seats today.

“A serious, heart-warming, and surprisingly poetic piece of theatre. A must-see for every Chicagoan this Halloween.” ~Hedly Weis, The Sunny Times

“I laughed. I cried. I reconciled my fears of mortality. This is truly THE theatrical event of the season. Super-ultra-highly recommended.”
~Criss Jonz, The Chicago Tribunal

“Anyone who doesn’t see this f***ing incredible play is a g**d*** f***wad with no f***ing brains and certainly doesn’t deserve to call themselves a true citizen of this in-f***ing-credible city. Seriously, don’t be an a**h***. See this glorious piece of s***, you sons of b****es.”
~Mayor Rahm Emanuel

“This is my favorite play I’ve seen all year.”
~Brian Rohde: Writer, Director, Choreographer, Egomaniacal Attention-Hog