The Nothing Special Roast of Brian Rohde

  • Posted by Scott Sawa 11 Jul

The Nothing Special Roast of Brian Rohde

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  • Venue: Fizz Bar

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Come Join Nothing Special as we send off our final remaining co-founder with an evening of bilious invective directed right at his stupid face.  In case you haven’t heard, Brian Rohde is making a conscious uncoupling from Nothing Special so he can focus on maintaining his beardstache.  We wish him luck, and to thank him for 11 years of fart noises and lingering crosseyed stares, we are presenting the Nothing Special Roast of Brian Rohde, a public airing of grievances, insults, and innuendos directed at everyone’s favorite weirdo.

A parade of friends and acquaintances will each take turns spewing vile verbal atrocities directed at Rohde, after which Rohde will have his chance to respond in his surely inebriated, stoned, and absurdist way.  If you know Rohde, you’ve been waiting for something like this for years to bring him down a peg.  If you don’t know Rohde, you’re going to be glad you don’t by the end of this evening.

The Nothing Special Roast of Brian Rohde will be on Saturday August 6 at 8pm at Fizz Bar, and will be hosted by NSP’s “The Bellhop” himself, Scott Patrick Sawa!  Tickets are now available here.  Suggested Donation is $10, but you can reserve your seats for free online.  We hope you’ll join us for this raucous and raunchy show!  Not appropriate for children, elderly, or the faint of heart.