Mission & History


Nothing Special dares the audience to revel in our mischievous mantra: if everyone’s unique, then we’re all nothing special.  NSP exploits the live experience by integrating our audience into the action.  We embrace reckless creativity and bold collaboration to create art that is truly in and of the moment, a serious celebration of fun.  We solemnly vow to never stop playing.


Nothing Special, formerly known as Nothing Special Productions, and succinctly known as NSP, is in the midst of a revolution.  Following the departures of founding Artistic Director Mikey Laird, founding Producing Director Brian Rohde, and Executive Director Erika Davidson, a new regime has stepped up to lead Nothing Special to new heights.

Steering the rebuilt NSP Ship is Kit Ryan, who took over the reins of Artistic Director earlier this year, after serving two years as a company member.  Daniel Vuillaume (aka DVD), currently the longest running NSP Company Member, will be getting down to business as the Executive Director, putting to good use his Masters in Arts Management.  Finally, Scott Sawa will be slipping on the clown-sized shoes of his predecessor Rohde, as the Producing Director of Nothing Special. 

The three Directors have been conspiring to rebrand Nothing Special, focusing on the most successful productions that the company has unleashed upon Chicago audiences, including Nightmare in Paradise, The Most Ado: A Party Play, and Fight Night.  The Mission Statement that Kit, Scott, and DVD produced reflects our intention to be the theater company of Fun.

Joining Kit, DVD, and Scott in the revelry will be returning company member Morgan Gire, as well as a fresh band of merry ragamuffins: Dennis Davies, Kaitlin Eden, Raymond Jacquet, Ben Schlotfelt, and Sarah Shirkey.

We don’t know much, but we do know this:

We solemnly vow to never stop playing.